Friday, September 26, 2008

Happiness Equation – What brings Happiness to me?

Happiness = (3P + 5E) * H10


P equals Personal characteristics such as outlook on life, resilience and adaptability.

E stands for Existence needs such as health, money and friends.

H is for Higher order needs like a sense of humour, ambitions and self esteem.

My happiness equation is like that because –

  1. I have a pretty high expectation that my future is very good and I will be able to adapt to any situation and challenge that is thrown at me. I will be strong in the face of any adversity that comes my way and will be able to succeed in spite of them. Doing this will make me happy thus I have multiplied P by 3. I would like to increase my happiness by 3 times when I am tempted by the above mentioned characteristics.

  1. E has a higher value for me in the happiness equation as I value my health and longetivity over a lot of other things. Money is also very very important to me and my personal state of happiness. The more the money, the higher is my happiness although this is to a certain extent. After that it becomes immaterial how much I have as whatever I have will be sufficient to satisfy me. Again my life very much revolves around friends. I will be dead if I don’t have friends or I am told to live a life alone. I want to have a large number of close friends with myself in my hour of need and also when I am happy. Due to all these reason I have multiplied my E by 5 as friends, money and long life will bring me greatest of pleasures, definitely more than the characteristics of P.

  1. What brings me the greatest pleasure above anything else is my personal growth, my ambitions and the visualization of myself seeing them happening in my dreams and to a certain extent in front of my eyes. I probably am one of the most ambitious people around. I want everything I this world to be mine. Although I realize that for that to happen, I will need to work hard and I am prepared to do that. My need for recognition in this world is very high. I want to be recognized as one of the great people in the modern times and all my actions are self directed towards that course. Again humour is extremely important in my life as that is what enriches my life. Because I am so ambitious, I can get depressed or angry very easily. To not let this happen, I rely on humour to make myself smile and keep myself happy. Due to these reasons I have given H the most weightage, it is an exponential weightage as for every combination of P and E combined as mentioned above I want my life to be enriched by H ten times over exponentially. Only then will I be happy probably.

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