Sunday, September 14, 2008

Conversations with an Autodriver/ God

A couple of days back, while coming back late from dinner, i had to take one of those nefarious Bangalore autos. Anyways, to cut to the point the driver tried a semblance of conversation while i gave him the cold shoulder not because i am like that but because i was too tired by that point of time. When we reached home he asked for Rs 75 as the fare and i gave him a Rs 100 note.

I am not sure why but i suddenly asked him how does he manage to drive the auto in the night if he also drives it in the day. He told me then that he has a daughter's wedding coming up in a months time and he wants to give her the beast possible wedding he could afford. I just returned the change back to him that moment saying that celebrate your daughter's wedding well. He seemed genuinely surprised and after thanking me, left the place.

I came upstairs and a nagging thought was there in my mind, why didn't i give him some more money in case i wanted to help him. Strangely i think i should not have paid him more as the money i give him should not be looked at as alms. I think that would have hurt his ego since this guy is trying to earn an honest income by working hard.

This kind of hit home in a different way. Just think doesn't god also work in the same way. If we work hard, we get the fruits of our labor and some time luck just grants us a bit more. It most often doesn't grant us something very extravagant or something that we don't deserve. At least i would like to believe so.

I am not sure but i think this was God's way of telling me that Dude...stop cribbing...u can get all that you want...just start walking towards it....