Saturday, February 16, 2008

Why do people work?

I am sitting in my office today - a Saturday - and just thinking about the work that i am supposed to be doing today and tomorrow, - a Sunday - makes me feel like i am an extremely foolish guy who is living his life rotting away in office hell for no reason at all. But is that TRUE??

I am not so sure that i love this work but maybe at the bottom of the heart, i know that if i hated it completely, i would have walked out of this office ages ago. But i didn't which must mean something. There can be many things making me want to stay here:

1. I am just a big coward who has become "Institutionalized" and do not want to move out of my comfort zone to look for greener - supposedly - pastures.

2. I love my work somewhat and i am feeling that i should learn something from this role that i am playing. The only problem with this statement is that i really do not know what role i am playing or is there really anything that i am learning?

3. I have a cushy job which really pays me very well and i am able to maintain my lifestyle because of that. But that again brings us again to the age old question - which i anyways think is stupid in the first place - about money being the most important thing in life and what about having a great heartfelt life without always having one sliver of thought on a big pot of gold that might crop up?

4. I just plain love the feeling of telling my friends that i worked on weekends and 100 hour weeks and they exclaiming my greatness by saying things like...dude u rock man....u must be the most hardworking person in office or they must be going to make you the CEO soon!!....i know its kinda strange but i can acknowledge that in the deepest recesses of my heart, i sometimes do like this talk...and don't blame me....everyone has a right to dram once in a while. huh!

5. This is a company which doesn't throw out people so even if i have to work hard today and from tomorrow onwards i don't work and just faff my way to glory, it does not matter since i will probably get a average rating and an average payout which would still be significantly higher than what is required for a very very very cozy life.

Well to tell you the truth, i dont know....maybe its one of the reasons listed above, maybe its a combination of more than one, maybe its plain hogwash.....
The fact of the matter is that at the end of the day, i am sitting in my comfy chair under airconditioning and am blogging while i am supposed to be working....and working hard for that matter.....

Puts thing in perspective...right ;)))

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Anonymous said...

When the whole world was enjoying on 25th Dec, partying on 31st Jan, we (poor VTU kids) were burning the midnight oil. Thanks to semester exams which always started on the Boxing day and went well into mid-Jan. By then the New Year Fever would have subsided.
We have had papers on 31st Dec and 1st Jan. What a way to start a new year!
No wonder, VTU is also known as 'V Torture U'!
But, we used to feel proud,secretly, that we were working so hard even in the festive environment!
Hope this year will be different.

Sri D J