Friday, May 7, 2010

VTU Transcripts: FAQ Part - 2

There have been a lot of questions asked on my blog about the process of VTU Transcripts and how to get them through Post along with basic questions about what are transcripts and CMC's etc and University rules etc. I have tried to answer all the questions earlier and have decided to consolidate all the responses together in 2 FAQ blog posts so that people can refer to the same in case they have queries.

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9. Could you tell me what do they mention in Consolidated MC?
a. Is it your first attempt marks or second attempt marks?
b. What are the total marks mentioned?
c. And if they don't mention second attempt marks in CMC then what’s the difference between CMC and the original marks card which you got in your first attempt when you had a back?

Ans: A CMC is one single marks card containing all the marks from semester 1 to last. It will show the latest marks and not the backlogs. But there will be ** mentioned next to those marks and it will be mentioned somewhere that this is not your 1st attempt marks for the subject. Total is the addition of latest marks. But you do not get a rank which is left blank if u got a back in any subject.

10. Is VTU the new name for Bangalore University? "I completed my B.E degree in 1998 from Bangalore University. Can I use this process as well"?

Ans: VTU is not the new name of Bangalore University. VTU is a relatively new university and has superseded Bangalore University for Engineering and Technical courses. Bangalore University still exists for other courses. Having said that I am not sure where you will get your transcripts from. I remember in 2001, VTU gave an option to BU students with backlogs to finish all their exams in that year after which they would not have the option again to clear their backlogs under VTU.

I would suggest that you call the VTU number that I have mentioned in my blog entry and check with them. Else, you can contact the Bangalore University directly.

This seems to be their website:

11. What is the difference between consolidated marks card and Transcripts. Both are a single sheet of paper showing all the semester marks right?

Ans: Let me start with a caveat here. I have seen a Transcript but have only heard about a CMC.

Technically a CMC and a transcript are the same, they both provide marks of all your subjects. But the difference is that a Transcript has generally a universally accepted format which includes among other things, your marks per semester, the degree awarded, years of study, medium of instruction, institution name, rankings, and a key sheet specifying how to interpret the marks (GPA, %age, scales etc) etc etc. It includes very important information about the university that has awarded the degree and its accreditation (public/ private, govt etc). It is also sealed in an envelope with signs on both flaps from registrar evaluation.

A CMC is like your normal marks cards that we got every semester (glazed printed paper if u are from VTU). Just that it is a slightly larger piece of paper with marks of all semesters. Generally the above mentioned items of transcripts are not mentioned.

I have not come across a college which asks for a CMC. But they ALWAYS ask for a University Transcript. However a CMC is useful if you have lost marks cards, if you have had backlogs and got secondary marks cards, if you just want one single marks card to ease your handling or if you had a reevaluation/ recount done of any subject and had a change of marks. It just makes things easier.

12. "I am 2004 passed out. I would like to get my transcript from VTU Belagum directly not by post since i need them urgently. My question is do i need to carry original marks cards to VTU Register office to get my transcripts"?

Ans: From what i have read over the Internet, some people advice you to carry and some say not required. My understanding is that its not required (I got it by post without sending any original documents!!). However, at least carry a photocopied version just in case they ask for it. And if you are not at all worried about (& Insecure) about carrying original docs, there is no harm in carrying them too. Just 5-6 pieces of paper!

13. "I completed my engg. in 2006 but unfortunately got a backlog and cleared the backlog in January 2007, finally got my degree in somewhere 2008. So i want to know if i apply for a higher degree aboard then what should i fill in the column "date received for the degree" in the forms. Whether it should be June 06 (the month and year in which I completed my education) or it should be the date thats mentioned on the degree certificate(March '08)"?

Ans: VTU (with or without backlogs) gives degrees only after a year of graduating. I got mine in 2006 march when i had finished my course in 2005 April. However, i mentioned the April date as the degree receiving date as on that date i received the Provisional degree certificate. I didn't want to raise any complications by mentioning a date one year after completion of the course.

I did not have any problems with my degrees on doing so....


Srilakshmi Jayaramappa said...

Some universities might require copies of individual marks sheets. One of the universities I had applied to had e-mail-ed me saying "... and find that we need your official, individual marksheets. We are unable to accept the consolidated transcripts you submitted because they do not provide sufficient detail about your academic record. All marksheets must be attested by a university official and must bear the seal of the university."

indianp said...

I have backlogs in all the semesters so, what is the procedure to get my CMC ??? And there is a spelling mistake in my name so i need to correct it.totally 2 works to be done, can u help me please ????

Anonymous said...

i finished BE CSEin the year 2010..affliated i don have any of my makscards..or xerox..can i get my marks of all semester in any ways.please help.i have cleared all of my subjects.

Surabhi said...


I want transcripts as well as attested copies of individual marks card. Can these both be done via mail or do I need to visit Bangalore regional office to submit applications for both?