Friday, May 7, 2010

VTU Transcripts: FAQ Part - 1

There have been a lot of questions asked on my blog about the process of VTU Transcripts and how to get them through Post along with basic questions about what are transcripts and CMC's etc and University rules etc. I have tried to answer all the questions earlier and have decided to consolidate all the responses together in 2 FAQ blog posts so that people can refer to the same in case they have queries.

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FAQ Part 1:

1. I would like to know if the transcripts include the degree certificate?

Ans: The answer is no, the transcripts only include a white sheet of paper with all the semester and subject marks with a VTU seal and some dates and curricula language. That’s all!

2. Do you need to also send across a self addressed envelope with the rest of the stuff or will mentioning your mailing address suffice?

Ans: Self addressed envelope is not required. Just mention your address clearly on the covering letter. They use their own envelopes. VTU is rich enough to afford that ;-)

3. I am not located in Bangalore. Do you think they will mail it to another city in India?

Ans: I live in Kolkata and they sent me the transcripts here.

4. What is required in the Cover Letter?

Ans: A cover letter is a normal letter addressed to The VTU asking for ‘X’ no of transcripts, your full address, your VTU details like Name, USN No (roll) and College name and the DD details.

5. Can V send the mail through ordinary post or through speed post?

Ans: It all depends on how quickly you want them!

6. Should the photo copies of marks cards be attested by principal?

Ans: No, you don’t need to get them attested by anybody

7. “I am from Delhi and passed my Degree in 2006 in first class (2002 to 2006). I had 2 backs throughout my degree, and later I passed the exams. At the end I was not able to get my consolidated marks card for the two semesters, after clearing the back. So now what will be the status of my marks in the transcripts; will the new marks be added by default or I will have to get the marks sheet consolidated first and then get transcripts which would be quite hectic”.

Ans: Actually what i know of the process is that when u ask for the transcript, they mention only the final marks in each subject but put a * mark next to the subject indicating that it was not cleared in the first attempt and below that they mention 1, 2, 3 etc for all subjects i.e first attempt, 2nd attempt, 3rd attempt etc. These things are mentioned on the 2nd page of the transcripts which details how to read the transcripts.

8. "In my transcripts it’s mentioned that the language of instruction is English. But I am sceptical if the universities would consider this to exclude us from appearing for TOEFl or IELTS". Please throw light on this issue.

Ans: As far as Toefl/ IELTS are concerned, it depends on specific universities and how they treat the issue. I contacted the admissions department of the colleges that I applied to and mentioned that the medium of instruction was English for both my graduate and postgraduate degrees and the same is mentioned on my transcripts. All of them told me that I do not need TOEFL/ IELTS scores. A couple of them asked me to highlight the medium of instruction on my transcript (photocopy version).

If you look at the university websites, they generally mention in their FAQ's section as to how they are going to treat English language testing. Many mention it explicitly that if you have a degree from an English speaking country or have done your graduation where medium of instruction was English, and then Toefl etc is not required. It’s best to be sure and contact the various admissions departments if you are in doubt after going through the admission websites.

Note: My experience is only related to MBA courses in Europe.


Shekhar said...

My Query is quite simple. I passed VTU in 2007 without any backlogs. My Degree certificate didn't reach at my home address. when inquired, they told it was returned so I made a 100rs DD in college and with affirmation letter from principal for getting my degree certificate at college address. It has been 4-5 months now. Can any one plz tell me how to get it from belgaum directly. The guys over there do not pick the phone( or may be i m not so lucky as few of u !!). Do I need to carry any doc or DD again .. Plz Reply soon !!

Thanks All!!

Anonymous said...

Can we get the transcripts only for first six semesters if want to apply for universities in seventh semester.

Mahesh Kotekar (Mendy) said...

Hello Ritesh,

Am very much impressed with your quality of information regarding transcripts and CMC. Can you tell me what is the procedure to get transcripts from VTU? What content we should write and which address we have to send the post or request? and what documents we need to attach?

Mahesh Kotekar

Anonymous said...

Can students of autonomous college under VTU also get their transcripts from VTU?

Radhika Sharma said...

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Gaurav Koshti said...

can i get transcript for upto 6th semester? I am in 8th sem right now.

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