Monday, October 6, 2008

“This house will pop the pill and party”

Debate on relations between India and Pakistan becoming stronger...

Definition: The bond between the nations of India and Pakistan will develop only when we have swallowed the possibly bitter pill of Love and Brotherhood for Pakistan and its somewhat crazy leadership. This swallowing of the bitter pill will create history for the Parliament and enable the nations to enjoy their lives once more without the fear of death and destruction in their lives.

Logical Link: Imbibing love for the people across the border is important for the happiness of the generations to come.

Case Statement: The Pill of Love and Brotherhood will be swallowed by the Indian Parliament with respect to Pakistan and entire generations to come will enjoy in this revelry.

Limiting Context: In this debate we are only looking at the value of ‘Having love for thy neighbour’ and not at how we develop that love and brotherhood. We are looking only at how this bond will be helpful in this context and not at how we get there.

Burden of the Proposition: As the leader of the house I feel that a direction in this regard needs to be taken. Only after there is bonhomie between the two nations that we will really prosper and shine together as brothers rather than two separate subdued yet simmering individuals. I just want to prove that once we are close there is nothing in this world that can stop this juggernaut from rolling in the right direction.

Team Split: The debate will entail the following
• What do we mean as the pill of Love?
• What are the ways this bond is going to help us become the preeminent powers in the world?
• What should we guard against?
• How our Generations to come are going to enjoy the Fruits of this brotherhood?

Constructive Arguments: The nations of the world will bow in front of us. We will be more powerful against any power that shakes us. The respect and admiration of the world will be upon us. We will have the power to stop the entire Middle East from ripping itself out. Together, we will make them realize the futility of it all. Indians are friends of Jews, Pakistan is friends with Arabs. We will make them see reason. The world will not talk about war for a very long time as once this conflict is over; the world will see that if the greatest opponents in this world can come close together, petty disputes are not even worth talking about. Our children will be happy in the sunshine again. They will be able to play together and grow up together which in due course will remove any bitter memories of the past. Just for one moment think about the collective power of Shohaib and Sachin, the power of Hinduism and Islam, the Collective power of the Indian Subcontinent. Ladies and Gentlemen Kashmir will be whole again. Our Kashmir will be heaven again. Bharat will be one again. Jai Hind.

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