Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Problem: Managing Organizations that spread Mis-information

There are problems of organizations spreading misinformation about their products to the consumers using advertising? Ex: Using a particular brand of soap can make a person a film-star etc.

• The government can make rules more stringent on what is to be shown as real and what cannot be shown to the general public in advertisements as they overemphasize the use of the product
• People should initiate legal action against the firms for spreading misinformation in the general public. This can also be done by the Trade bodies like CII and FICCI who can initiate action against the organizations to make sure that it does not happen
• Education of the masses necessary to make sure that they do not fall for such traps. Only if they are educated will they be able to understand the difference between utility and fantasy.

Best Solution:
Education of the masses is the key here. Only if we do that will we be able to increase the awareness of the public regarding these issues. Rest of the solutions are short term ones.

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