Friday, April 16, 2010

Love, Pain, Nostalgia, Memories, Healing, Song

You came in to my life,
Like a breath of fresh air,
Changing every moment ,every day,
Into a memory,to last a lifetime.

You smiled with me, you cried with me,
Your were forever there when I needed that support,
It was a whole new world.
A world that was my favourite place.

But as time would have had it,
Destiny showed us different paths,
I chose to go on,
You stood behind at the place,
Where our paths moved away,
I never dared to look back,
Knew wasn’t strong enough,
Till the day you moved on to.

Today as we have taken our separate paths,
I look back,
With a smile on my lips and tears in my eyes,
At that very place.
I see you,I see me,
And I see memories and happy times,
That gave a lot,
However short they may be,
They will last a lifetime.

A lifetime where every prayer said,
Every smile shared,every nostalgic moment ,
Would never be complete without you...

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