Tuesday, April 15, 2008

10 Things to do before i turn 30

Sadly this is not my bucket list....but if i were to die before 30....maybe it will be :))

Hmmm.....so the top 10 things that i want to do in no particular order are:

1. Be a Co-Pilot on a Sukhoi - 27/30 Fighter Aircraft - Heard you can do that in Ukraine.
2. Make love to the woman of my dreams in all possible ways in a night of uninhibited lust.
3. Buy a Yamaha Superbike and try to ride it to its max capability.
4. Go on a Luxury Cruise around Singapore.
5. Go on the Kailash Dham Yatra - Mount Kailash Pilgrimage and see Mansarovar in its splendour.
6. Go backpacking across Europe for a week.
7. See all the Wonders of the World.
8. Write/ Compose a song and release it to the Wide World.
9. Watch an Opera in the Sydney Opera House.
10. Go to the Oscars/ Cannes.

It would all be just so perfect if i can do this with someone i really want to share it with (wry smile!!).....

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