Monday, March 17, 2008

Rise of the Phoenix

Have you ever realized that life gives us those great opportunities sometimes that just test us in every thing that we do, our abilities, our balance, our mental strength, our beliefs, our values and our dreams itself. It’s like baptism by fire that cannot be compared with any other test that we would have undergone.

We can actually take these so called opportunities and think about the mess that we are in or we can emerge stronger from it. After all, to emerge stronger from something, we need to go though pain. This pain is something like the pain that we feel when we have run hard for a couple of miles. It’s sweet if you want it to be. It’s bitter if you want your heart to feel bitter.

The best part of this test is that, if you believe in your beliefs, and just don’t bow to anything and everything that is thrown at you – mind you, the test is stern – and do not let anything question your beliefs…I think we will emerge so much stronger that we would ourselves be able to challenge any thought which has not been tested. Ever heard of Phoenix the legendary bird, the one which after every 500 years burns and re emerges from the ashes.

I believe strongly in the concept of love. All I know is that I have my belief and that belief will stay that love exists. I might not be happy at the end of my life but well....not all love stories are happy!!

The thing is that if you stop believing in love, you will never be able to know what it is like.

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